About Us

Why an Institute on Goat based Livelihoods Management :

Goats are increasingly used to augment cash income and enhance food security, thus serving as an important component in household’s livelihood strategies across the globe, particularly in dry land areas and poor families. Around 47% of poor families are engaged in goat farming and making it largest supplementary source of livelihoods for poor. While much has been done to improve agricultural production in the small-scale sector, little efforts has gone to improving productivity and marketing of small ruminants.

Challenges in front of livelihoods generation program is on two fronts, one scale and another inclusion of marginal resource owning, less formal educated rural poor, who normally can’t find employment or advantages of economic growth quickly. Goat and its value chain can provide employment and livelihoods to estimated 70 million families in India with 40 million in production & related input supply industries and 30 million in processing & trading of various outputs of goat business.

Background :

Training and capacity building was the core business of the mother org. The Goat Trust since inception (2008) and that made a repo in the sector for its training quality and methodology with a brand image. The idea conceived in 2009 to establish a dedicated Training Institute to cater the livestock service providers demand and supply gap with community driven approach. The trainings were continually organized at campus and field level under the banner of mother organization The Goat Trust and we have trained professionals, project staffs, laymen’s and community cadres across 16 states with more than 60 partners includes CSR, SRLM’s, Christian Org, Development Org. and state Govt. In the journey of about decade organization now created a separate entity in 2016 the name of International Institute of Goat Management- IIGMA managed by a company “TGT Global development Services Pvt. Ltd.” to spread our wings across the country and globally. We have set standard benchmarks in the domain of Training & Capacity Building in the sector with development of assessment tools, grading systems, standard training modules, Panel Judging, Knowledge and skill test, customised training tools and games, hands of practice, product making with focus on spirituality and meditation for overall HR development as asset

Objective :

1) Facilitate proactive Co creation by various stakeholders to enhance access to grass root experiences, collaborative action research and distill knowledge for larger level replication and policy dialoguing.

2) To train and educate human resources including technical professionals for pro poor goat value chain development on scale.

3) To develop technical & process manuals, process documents and participatory training materials, tools with exchanging cross cultural experiences.

4) To develop a one stop knowledge house for development organizations, large development programs to support in design and successful execution and generate knowledge for global efforts.

5) To take an initiative by taking forward small livestock concept in the curriculum FROM 5TH Std. to senior secondary level through inculcating the small course module to growing youths towards small livestock

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